The Media History Digital Library

The online Media History Digital Library is an amazing open-access resource hosted by the Internet Archive. It consists of extensive runs and select holdings of periodicals from 1904-73 covering cinema, broadcasting and recorded sound. The website is a pleasure to navigate and the collections are growing fast. The future of research libraries has arrived. Click on image below to access the site.

European Film Gateway update

My initial trawl of the European Film Gateway online collections has been a frustrating experience, with a surprising paucity of materials on key figures and some videos failing to load. It’s early days, and I look forward to seeing the site develop. I did manage to watch a copy of Chaplin’s A Film Johnnie (Charlie at the Studio, 1914) with Danish inter titles from the Danish Film Institute, which was a delight.

European Film Gateway opens

The remarkable online digital film history resource Europeana has opened a web portal showcasing collections of photos, posters, programmes, periodicals, censorship documents, rare feature and documentary films, newsreels and other materials from a range of European archives. It’s surprising and a little depressing that no British partners are included in this exciting initiative. 

European Film Gateway