BFI and BECTU in dispute

From BECTU’s journal Stage Screen & Radio December/January 2011 p. 5

British Film Institute in dispute over cuts

BECTU is in dispute with the British Film Institute over its approach to cost-cutting.  The government Spending Review cuts are not the fault of the BFI – but the way the cuts are managed is the responsibility of the BFI senior management.

National Official Pat Styles said: “This dispute arises as a result of the BFI’s inconsistent, opaque and dismissive attitude towards conducting meaningful consultation and constructive dialogue with the joint unions over the cuts programme for 2011-2015, and is a result of the BFI’s continual failure to respond in good time to our requests for information.”

Styles continues: “BFI management have the choice of working with the joint unions to mitigate against the damage caused by the cuts.

“If the unions are not properly engaged in this process, and if the BFI continues to avoid meangingfully consulting with the joint unions, the dispute will escalate.”