New BFI member governor

This item appeared in the Guardian Diary yesterday:


A controversial election. Members disgruntled. Plenty of plot-lines at the BFI                       

Hugh Muir, Wednesday 15 February 2012 22.50 GMT

• Exciting times at the British Film Institute. Today the BFI unveiled a new addition to the board of governors, the acclaimed film-maker Peter Kosminsky. He’s a top man. So that’s all fine and dandy. Except it may not be. For the election for a new person to help represent the membership was run under rules themselves controversial. They said that those contesting the election had to come from outside London, the better to represent the regions, and that the winner should obtain 10% of the vote. This miffed quite a few in London who might like to have stood, and they are even more scratchy now because Kosminsky, though victorious, only gained 9.25% of the vote. High ups on the board, led by chairman Greg Dyke, have been trying to work it all out since the polls closed in December. Kosminsky’s the man, is the approach. Seems that in the event of no candidate reaching the 10% threshold, the board is empowered to make a decision, and there was no mention of his electoral deficiency in today’s press release. But there is grumbling. It’s all a bit tinker tailor don’t you think?