Reaction to A Future for British Film proposals

From today:

19 January 2012
Call Made For Action On UK Film Policy
A report on ‘The Future of British Film’ has inspired warnings that a “huge job” is at hand to deliver the proposals and call for proof that it can be put into action.

According to an article by Screen Dailythe British Film Institute has been warned to be careful about the amount of proposals that it takes on.

Peter Watson, CEO of production outfit Recorded Picture Company and deputy chairman of sister sales company HanWay told Screen Dailythat: “the BFI should resist taking on all the responsibilities the report would seek to pile on its shoulders. The BFI will need to carefully define its new role and not forget its pre-eminent role as a cultural organisation and trustee of our national heritage. Rightly, the industry has high hopes for the new BFI but our expectations should be qualified.”

Indeed although received positively by most writers, producers, distributors, financiers and academics the report does outline a massive 56 proposals and now all eyes are on BFI to implement them.

Hopes are that the film institution will adopt most of them, if not all of them, and move quickly. A call is on for the BFI to move the plans from words to action.


Call Made For Action On UK Film Policy

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