Update on discussions about future of British cinema

From the BBC News website today:

Parties approached to take over Film Council duties

Industry figures discuss the future of British film

Four parties have been asked by the government to consider taking on the responsibilities of the recently axed UK Film Council, the BBC understands.

The BBC was one body asked to consider taking a lead role in distributing lottery money to film projects.

Channel 4, the British Film Institute and the Film London agency are also believed to have been approached.

Culture minister Ed Vaizey met with key industry figures this week to discuss future public funding of UK film.

Mr Vaizey said the meeting was one of many that would take place before a final decision on future government support is later this autumn.

“I want a robust and co-ordinated strategy to promote the UK as the best place to invest in film-making and to provide real support and advice to film-makers and investors alike,” he said.

“I want to make sure that public funds generate value for a wider audience and are focused where they can really make a difference.”

According to the BBC’s arts editor Will Gompertz, the industry itself believes the Arts Council should have a role in film funding.

“Industry insiders say the simplest mechanism would be for the Arts Council to act as the go-between as they’re already a lottery distributor.”

Founded in 2000, the UK Film Council had an annual budget of £15m to invest in British films.

Earlier this week its chief executive John Woodward announced he will be leaving the organisation in November.

BBC News – Parties approached to take over Film Council duties