BFI response to DCMS spending cuts

From the BFI website:

BFI statement on DCMS spending reductions

7 Jun 2010

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced a £73 million savings contribution to reduce the UK’s fiscal deficit.

In today’s challenging financial climate we understand the difficulty of making decisions of this kind and fully expect to play our part. We had anticipated that the government would not be able to afford investment in the BFI Film Centre at this time and knew that we would face a challenge on the project. We still remain committed to taking the BFI Film Centre forward.

We are relieved that vital monies to save the BFI National Collections are secure.

We are concerned that film is bearing the brunt. Over 50 per cent of the DCMS cuts announced are coming from the film sector. Film is a critical component of Britain’s future cultural and economic prosperity and we welcome the Minister’s commitment to reviewing government’s support for the industry. Our one plea is that this is done as a matter of urgency.

BFI statement on DCMS spending reductions | British Film Institute

2 thoughts on “BFI response to DCMS spending cuts

  1. According to p. 58 of the BFI Annual Report for 2007-08 (available on the BFI website), Director Amanda Nevill's salary was £129,000 in 2007 and 2008. She received no bonuses in either year. The online Annual Review for 2008-09 does not include information about Amanda Nevill's salary. On p. 40 of the 08-09 Review, readers requiring detailed financial statements are referred to the BFI website, or advised to consult them at the BFI offices in Stephen Street. So far, the 08-09 detailed financial statements do not appear on the Annual Review page of the BFI website.

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