EU online library opens

US broadcaster Voice of America carried this item yesterday:

EU Opens Online Library

By Lisa Bryant


20 November 2008

The European Union has launched a vast online library offering people across the globe access to millions of books, movies and other items from the 27-member block. Lisa Bryant has more on Europe’s efforts to showcase its cultural heritage – via the Internet.

Call it the 21st century version of the famous Alexandria library that served as a hub of knowledge in ancient times. Europe is offering a similar trove of information via the Internet – allowing users to access tens of thousands of paintings, books, manuscripts, sound recordings, newspapers and other items from across the European Union.

European Commission spokesman Martyn Selmayr says the Europeana digital library is planning to expand enormously in the years to come.

“Today its just the beginning,” he said. “We have two million objects today on Europeana – cultural objects which exist in digital form. Our objective is to have by the year 1010, 10 million digitized objects available from all over Europe and they will be offered in 23 languages so that everybody around the world has access to these cultural heritages of the European Union member states.

That includes digitalized representations of masterpieces from the Louvre museum in Paris or manuscripts of composers like Beethoven – or books from libraries around Europe – although only a small fraction of the region’s 2.5 billion books will be available online in the coming years.

The project is one way to showcase the European Union – this time through its cultural heritage.

“On the one side it shows that Europe is made up not of a single unified culture but that it has 27-member nations and each one of them has a very long history,” said Selmayr. “It also shows what we have in common and gives the perspective of the neighbors.”

“For example, the fall of the Berlin Wall – very important for German history and also for European history – is something you can find on Europeana in the form of a film that is today stored in the French national audiovisual institute. Germans, Hungarians, British citizens and also Americans can see this big event, but through the eyes of French citizens,” he continued.

Those who want to check out the new European library can click on

[Link expired]

The Europeana site is now up and running:

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